WOW! Here we are at the end of the year! HOW?

I am sure, you have seen massive changes this year, perhaps you have gone from being just the two of you to awaiting the arrival of your first little one. 

Or maybe you have welcomed your new little person into your world and watched as they have turned it totally upside down despite you both agreeing that you would just carry on as normal and that having a baby wasn’t going to change a thing! 

Or it might be that you have watched as your helpless newborn has grown into an inquisitive toddler.

Whatever stage you are at, there is no denying that the first 1000 days of life, from conception to two is a time of massive change, not just for the baby, but for you too! Often, we move from being a couple focused on work and play, in control of our every want and need to a new parent pretty unsure of where we are headed and focusing on just getting through the day!

Learning to parent is a skill, one that we are not trained for and one that we are asked to fathom out on our own or with the help of books and google or perhaps a well-meaning family member.  It is also a skill that has a massive impact on someone else’s life… that is a huge thing. 

Here at Oliiki, we understand that, and that is why we are happy to support you along the way as you find what works for YOU and YOUR little one.  After all, you are the expert in YOUR baby.  We are the experts in helping you find the learning in everyday play.  We are here to help you understand what learning your baby is getting from each activity we suggest, so that YOU can adapt that learning to what works for YOUR baby, confident in the knowledge that you are doing the very best you can for your baby, right from the start.

At Oliiki, we have been learning too! It has been a massive year for us.  With your help, we have grown to over 500 downloads.  We have increased our social media followers and we have run our very first ‘becoming an amazing parent’ course.  We have run our very own research to hear what you have to say about our app and how it is helping you and we were staggered by the results.


Next year we have some really exciting new ventures that we have planned for you.  We will be kicking off our year with another, new and improved version of our free ‘become an amazing parent’ challenge, this time we will be delivering it as a live webinar, so keep a lookout for the date.  We would love for you to join us and to tell your friends.
We have a new and exciting product that we are planning to launch and lots more planned we can’t wait to share it all with you.  But for now, it just remains for me to say a huge Oliiki thank you to you for being part of this amazing community where we are all learning and growing together. 
We hope you have a wonderful holiday time this year and hope that you will be spending surrounded by YOUR family and enjoying time together. 

We will be back in the New Year, refreshed, ready to go and excited to start the New Year with new things.  We wish you all a really peaceful happy Christmas, holidays and New Year. 
The Oliiki team. xx