Parents can often focus on interacting with their child only when they’ve been born, not realising that a lot of stimulation can be created while the baby is still within the womb. This stimulation can ensure healthy development while in utero and can lay the foundations for intuitive learning afterwards.


There are plenty of things parents can do while the baby is still in the womb that will allow their child to connect with the world they’ll soon come into, as well as develop their senses so they can understand it better.


Here, we share five ways you can stimulate your baby’s learning while inside the womb:


  1. Let your baby hear the world – The hearing of a baby starts to develop very early on in the pregnancy, but it will be fully developed by the time they are born. A baby will hear muffled sounds, as if they are underwater, whilst they are in the womb but they will learn to recognise sounds that they hear repeatedly. To get your baby used to yours and other’s important family members voices, why not jump on a call with those who don’t live with you and have a chat? Just ensure your relatives speak loudly and clearly so that your baby will hear them whilst they are safe and snug inside you. We might be separated at the moment, but it doesn’t mean other family members can’t be actively involved.


  1. Play that music – In the same way your baby will be able to recognise the tone of your voice, they’ll also grow an attachment to the music you play while they’re in the womb. Your favourite track’s vibrations will resonate with your child and, once they’re born, it’s a song that may do well in soothing them to relaxation. If you’ve got the voice for it (or even if you haven’t), this can also work if you sing to them. You never know, this song, might just get you a few extra moments of calm once the baby arrives!


  1. Plan with a partner – Talk to your partner about how they can be involved with your baby once they are born. Talk about specific ways in which they can get involved - reading stories, bathing, playing with bricks, feeding - there are loads of different ways in which a dad can interact with even a tiny, tiny baby. Talk with your partner about his role once the baby is born. Dream and plan together. If you do not expect the father of your baby to be around, ask a brother, friend, uncle to step in.


  1. Go for a walk – As you walk, try to imagine you are looking at things for the first time like your baby will soon be doing. Imagine seeing your surroundings for the very first time.  What would you notice? What would interest you? Scientists believe that some light enters the womb from outside and has a part to play in the development of healthy eyes.  Healthy vision is going to be an asset as your child begins to learn and develop skills for their future lives. Try to notice the small things whilst you walk. Take time. Be amazed, just as your baby will be amazed, at the leaf on the tree, or the ant on the ground. There are so many benefits to being outside when you're pregnant.


  1. Forming a bond – Mums instinctively hold their bumps when they feel their baby move or kick, but it’s recommended that you also massage your bump to create a basis of touch you’re your child. This initiates the skin-to-skin bond that you and your baby will share throughout your lives. Touch is the basis of the emotional connection that will drive the love between you and your child even further.



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