Yes, yes, I get you, I hear you and there was a time when I would have said, ok, I will back off - but you see, I now know! 

I know what the science is telling us. 

And frankly, it’s amazing! 

During your baby’s first 1000 days - that’s from conception to two years - they are building their brains like no other time in their lives - they are literally primed for learning. And it turns out that the learning that your baby does at this time is the foundation for all the other learning that they are going to do for the rest of their lives. 

When you build a house (or even a castle 😉 for that matter), you want to make sure that the foundations are strong, and it’s exactly the same for your baby.  

When you give them super strong foundations for learning, you are actually building the basis for all the other learning they will go on to do for the rest of their life. And if the foundations that you’ve built are strong, your baby will have a great start and be able to use the base knowledge that they already have to build new knowledge on top of it.  

If the foundations are weak or have holes in them, it’s going to be much harder to build that beautiful castle that you had imagined. It’s going to be wobbly and will possibly even fall down. 


Obviously, we all want the very best start for our babies; we want to help them have THE MOST amazing future we can give them. But knowing how to do that is hard. Often, we turn to money and think that giving them the best start is about providing them with classes, expensive stimulation, paid-for events or even the latest gadget or toy. 

By doing that, we miss the obvious, we skip over the simple, we assume that the basics are just that - basic -  and therefore, pointless and worthless (and at the same time, we assume that we are a bit useless if that’s all we are doing). 

How wrong we are if this is how we think. 

You see, for your baby, the basics ARE the learning; it is in the small, basic and simple things that MASSES of learning is taking place. 

When you sing a song, or you help your baby to hold a rattle and shake it, your baby is learning SO much. And the skills they are using will be the FOUNDATION OF THEIR FUTURE LEARNING.

And you can start doing things to help build your baby’s brain and spark those adventures in learning even before your baby is born.  

You can sing, you can dance, you can chat. These interactions are all helping build their learning in various ways, and once you understand the learning your baby is getting from these very simple activities, you will see QUITE HOW AMAZING YOU ARE for doing them. 

For your baby, when you sing, you are giving them language development, increasing their vocabulary, and slowing down the vowel sounds in the words so they can absorb them more readily. 

You are giving them music, which helps with their listening skills, builds their concentration and focus and helps them develop their rhythm and rhyme. 

Music also helps your baby develop their creativity, which in turn will help them with problem-solving, creative thinking and even maths! 

As I said, when you understand the learning your baby is getting from the simple activities you do each day, you will see that you are doing an amazing job and that the expensive toys really aren’t necessary! 

I want to help you take your baby on a journey of amazing adventures in learning. I want to help you and your baby spark excitement for the learning they can find in the really simple things in life, because I believe that when we do this, right from the start, what we are actually doing is building their passions and interests for life. 

You have SUCH an important role in your baby’s learning journey.  

Helping you understand that role and the learning that you are providing your baby every day through the simple things you do is what I am passionate about.


You see, I have seen the other side; I have seen the children who sit in school each day, disengaged, hating every second and feeling like a failure. I have watched them employ every tactic under the sun to avoid taking the risk to put something on paper that might be wrong because they see failure as just that - failure - when what I want them to see is that it is an important part of the learning process. When school works, it is a celebration of success and a nursery for growth, but when it doesn’t, it’s a daily reinforcement of failure.  

I want to help you ensure your baby - yes, that one that is still growing in your tummy - arrives at school and thrives. And that starts NOW… 

If you want some help, the Oliiki app is full of simple activities to do each day. We unpick the learning in each activity, show you the science, and help you to be the amazing parent that you are in order to get your baby ready for school and for them to experience success RIGHT FROM THE START.

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