You just have to listen to the inspirational speakers on the internet to feel it. They have it so intently, you can almost touch it…


They are full of it.

They exude it…

Why have they got it? Why haven’t we? All too often it feels like a thing that others have, something out there for other people. Something that’s not for us in our everyday life and world.  

I want to challenge you on that. I want to help you build YOUR passion.

You see, I’ve found my passion…

It’s a bit odd,

It’s a bit random,

But it’s mine, and I’m proud of it!

You see, I’m passionate about children and learning. But I don’t just want them to learn, I want them to find their passions. To be inspired, to enquire, to investigate. Because when we get children following their passions, we get them learning for learning’s sake and that’s how we will change the world!

I know, it’s all a bit heavy for a mid-week chat but hear me out.

Learning is the key to the change we all seek and want for the world.

But unfortunately, learning has a bad reputation. After all, as a child, it’s usually something we do between the hours of 9.00 and 3.30 when our teachers tell us to. We learn what we are told to, in the way that we are told to, and then we come home and practice the learning we have done so that we know it. 


I’m not talking about that kind of learning.

I’m talking about the learning that we are born with

Watch a toddler watching a caterpillar crawl over a leaf for the first time. 

What do you see?

They’re captivated, focused, inquisitive, inspired, curious, questioning, quiet, concentrated.

This is the same child who a few minutes before was throwing a tantrum, whining, and sad…

When learning fulfills our imagination, ignites our interest, and sparks our curiosity, it begins to build our passions. 

When we have passions, we are driven.

When we are driven, we ask questions and find solutions.

When we find solutions, we make the world just a tiny bit better… even if it is just for one person.

And the key to making this happen for our children is you, their parents.

But how?

Well, what if we changed how we parent?

What if we thought of parenting as a way of building the foundations of our child’s passions? Each tiny bit of learning creating a tiny amount of skill, knowledge, or understanding for building the next bit of the passion.

As we go through our everyday lives, playing everyday games, doing everyday things, if we were to think of those as the foundations of our child’s passions, perhaps we would look at them differently.  Perhaps we would be more focused and committed to spending just a little bit more time watching the caterpillar moving. Perhaps we would ask just one more question and wait for our toddler to answer before moving on. And when we do that, when we look for that extra bit of learning in the ordinary play we are doing with our babies and toddlers, then we are building the foundations of their passions. 

What an amazing gift to give to your baby!

Knowing what to do each day and knowing what learning they get from those tiny everyday activities can be hard (particularly if you are trying to build their passions between the breakfast dishes and the pile of washing), which is why the Oliiki app is here for you. We are here to show you the simple activities you can do with your baby each day, using only the things you have around you at home. We show you the learning that each activity gives your baby so that you can help them build the foundations for their passions which, you never know, may well go on to change someone’s world.


If we assume that every child who arrives on this planet is exceptional and has a gift, then we will look to nurture it. When we do that, we WILL change the world for the better, one baby and parent at a time, with Oliiki here to support you.

Feeling inspired? Feeling excited? That’s the beginning of your passion!

Download the Oliiki app here and start developing your baby's passions today. (and enjoy our free 7-day trial)